FSL Connections was started as the world’s economy kicked back into high gear following the Covid-19 Pandemic. That is why we are focused so heavily on timely deliveries of produce, without food, our families starve!

Here at FSL Connections, our roots in the transport industry run deep. Since the early 2000’s we’ve been an owner operator father & son team. After years of hauling produce to north American grocery stores and food suppliers that feed our families, we decided to go into business for ourselves to bring our expertise and great service into this ever-changing industry. With over 40+ years of experience working in this industry, our team of professional drivers, mechanics, and office staff are more than ready to help you out.

Our focus from the start has been on service. Providing the best possible service, no matter the situation, 24/7 365 days a year. You can count on us to get your freight where it needs to go no matter what!